How Poppy Days Was Born

15 Apr

I actually began writing the novel that became Poppy Days way back in the 1990’s, as a kind of therapy. It began life with a different title, and a very different plot line. It sort of developed a life of it’s own, and evolved over time! I kept threatening to publish it, but in truth it became so personal to me, that I was too reluctant to part with it, and I kept it hidden for several years.I didn’t think It was ready to meet the public anyway! Then, four years ago something life changing happened to me. I had a mild stroke and had to give up work. I had worked on and off for twenty five years with special needs children. All of a sudden, I had many hours to kill at home, and became incredibly depressed. Each new day would fill me with dread.Far from feeling grateful that I was still alive and kicking, I was actually resentful that I still had a pulse, and felt useless. Eventually, I gave myself a darned good talking to, and racked my brains for things I could do to keep my mind active. I had always loved writing, it had always been very therapeutic for me, and I still had many ghosts from my past to exorcise. So, out came the novel that I had started, and thought I would never finish. I had to reincarnate it somewhat. Re reading it again after such a long time showed up all the errors and bad habits I had picked up. It needed a radical facelift. As I began writing again, a curious transformation came about. I began looking forward to the days again. I people watched, looking at mannerisms and little snippets of conversations that made me smile and wrote it all down. I delved into my memory and included bits from my own life. Eventually I had a complete story. I had to let it go, fly the nest and wave it on its way into the ether….it’s out there, now. I hope with all my heart that those that read it will enjoy it. It took a lot of blood sweat and many tears to create it. But for me, it’s onwards and upwards. Here’s to the new book I’m currently working on. More about that in a later blog. 


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