That Tricky Second Novel

16 Apr

After I published my first book, Poppy Days I felt really elated. Finally, after all these years of dreaming, I actually saw my name on Amazon! it felt amazing, if a little unreal. Once I had come back down to earth (still not sure I have, fully) I started thinking about writing the next book. Then I had a moment of panic. What if I was out of idea’s?
I pondered over that for a couple of days, then I had a eureka moment. I was sitting in the back seat of the car,idly looking out of the window as we pelted along, when we passed rows of houses and blocks of flats beside the road. So many windows, so many lives, I thought. Then I thought about all the families behind those windows, each with a story to tell…that was it, I had the basis for my book. I would tell the fictional stories behind those windows.
I began writing as soon as I could, but it struck me that the second book is a lot trickier than the first. I did not have the same emotional attachment as I did with the first book, which made it easier because I had a certain amount of detachment, yet it was also much harder for the same reasons. How could I put in the emotions, the understanding, if I hadn’t had the experience? could I use my imagination well enough, did I have the skill I needed as a writer to pull it off?
I don’t want to create cardboard characters, I want them to be believable. To make the reader laugh or cry with them, love them or hate them. I want my readers to pick up my story and not be able to put it down. In short, I want my readers to care about my characters as much as I do.
Yes, it is tricky, but it is a challenge I am thoroughly enjoying. The second book, The Angel Girls is still a work in progress. I am very passionate about it. I hope I can achieve what I set out to do, because the third book, well, THAT will be an absolute corker……


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