Extract From The New Book; The Angel Girls

23 Apr

Here is a short extract from the first chapter of the new book. Please note that this has not been edited yet, and may be subject to change in the final draught.

Carrie Miller had been shocked the first time her Tommy had hit her.
Not her darling Tommy!
They had been together since their school days and had got married on her birthday, in June 1943. They had always had a volatile relationship, but in the beginning it was Tommy’s fiery personality that Carrie had found exciting. Tommy had a short temper, but he had never been violent. Not towards her, anyway.She had seen him have a few fights with other boys at school, and he often clashed with his brothers, but he was always protective towards her, and had always treated her well.She had felt safe with Tommy by her side. She thought he would always protect her. When they had argued, they had always made up over a kiss and a cuddle…
Carrie had sat, shocked and sobbing on the kitchen floor. She had expected Tommy to at least come and help her up,apologise even, and say he hadn’t meant it, that it would never happen again. If he had,she was sure she would have forgiven him, believed him. Maybe they could even have made it up in bed, or with a kiss and a cuddle, just like they used to.
Instead, she heard the front door slam, and he left her there, alone with the screaming baby.


One Response to “Extract From The New Book; The Angel Girls”

  1. mumbev April 23, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    fantastic, the first book was excellent, and i cant wait to read this one. x

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