Out In The Ether!

20 Jul

Well, I can only apologise for being away too long. I’m sorry, I’ve been neglecting you. I can only make one excuse really, I have been working hard to finish my latest novel, Angel Girls. I did it, it’s out there in the ether, sitting on the virtual Kindle shelf! I took the plunge and yesterday it was publish and be damned!
Wow, it has been a busy and worrying time. I wonder if every writer has the same evil little harpies as I do whispering in their ears? the insecurities that whisper that I’m only playing at this writing malarkey, that tell me I’m not good enough, that I couldn’t write a decent manuscript even if I became suddenly possessed with the spirit of Charles Dickens himself? well, enough of my insecurities. I had to get over my crisis, and give myself a damn good thrashing.
There comes a time when you have to stop clinging to your manuscript as if it was a life raft in a stormy ocean and let it go on out into the ether..
On the plus side, I feel I must say a few words about the tremendous support I have received from other authors. In particular I would like to thank the lovely Carol Wyer, author of Mini skirts and laughter lines. Carol is an extremely talented lady who is always ready to offer kind words of encouragement and help to any budding author.
Another lovely lady I have had the pleasure of speaking to is Sheryl Browne. I loved her new book, Somebody to love. She has also given me much encouragement and been kind enough to purchase my book Angel Girls on its first day of release.
I think all writers need a bit of positive feedback.It spurs us on and keeps us going when the harpies whisper in our ears. Recently I had the comment that all writers dream of. Someone said they had read my novel, Poppy Days. They never usually read, they said, but my book had been recommended to them. They couldn’t put it down and it has inspired them to carry on reading. That’s all I could ever hope for!
Well, it certainly shut the harpies up. At least for a little while…


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