Looking For Inspiration

4 Aug

Since joining the famousfiveplus.com group I have met, online, some wonderful writers and I am working my way through all of the varied books that are on offer. It set me thinking about what inspires authors to write. Why, for example do some authors choose historical periods, or science fiction? who have they met in their lives that inspired particular characters?
When I began writing my first book, Poppy Days, it started out as a journal, so most of the events actually happened and the characters were real people. I started writing with great gusto, but my momentum floundered after a while as real life events caught up with me. Like a lot of writers before me, my book lay half finished and forgotten about for many years. I thought I would never finish it. I doubted that I had what ever it takes to complete a whole book worthy of being published.
When I rediscovered it, after a very long time I thought, hmm, that is promising, but it needs a lot of work. If what’s his name read that, they would probably either sue or hire a hit man, so you better watch your step, lady! Well, okay, maybe not, but I was uncomfortable with what read like a diary entry from an irate adolescent. So I virtually re wrote the entire manuscript, using the germ of the original idea as my plot-line. I decided that if I was going to write a novel, I had to do it properly and finish it at last.
My second book however was an even bigger challenge. It was not drawn from any real life events. It might sound corny, but the idea came to me in a dream. I have heard many authors who say they dream plots. It is amazing how the mind works!
I am hoping for some sleep inspired inspiration for book three, that I have just begun writing. Perhaps I won’t include the bizarre dream I had last week, when I dreamt I went along to a book launch, and all the authors were quite literally book covers, with spindly little arms and legs…. but then again, maybe it might be fun!


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