Mama Told Me There’d Be Days Like These…

16 Jan

Here we are, already half way through January and I wonder how many of your new year resolutions have already fallen by the wayside? I am trying very hard to get back on track with my work in progress, but at the moment real life keeps interfering.
Today was meant to be a free day as my “day job” has finished for the time being. I am on call as it were, and back to only being called if some one goes off sick or on holiday. I thought this would be an ideal time for me to get back into a regular writing routine. I was really looking forward to it.
The idea was; walk dogs, come home sit at lap top. Write. However, the best laid plans often go astray. I have to factor in things like house work before I get strangled by cobwebs, go to post office for husband, do family laundry. Wash the mountain of dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Retrieve laundry stolen by dogs. Answer the phone to yet another ruddy cold caller… grrrrr. I bet Stephen King and J.K. Rowling don’t have these problems!
Makes me wonder how other mere mortals cope. The pharmacist who I go to regularly asked me once “But how do you find the time to write?” I smiled smugly, and said somewhat smarmily, “I just do it, because I love it” talk about famous last words! Where does the time go?
I seem to continue to set myself deadlines that I don’t have a hope in hell of meeting. Never mind. There’s always tomorrow!


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